DWU Central students visit rural schools

The Central and NCD Students Association from Divine Word University recently visited two secondary schools in Central Province to carry out awareness on courses offered by the university and how to make it to the institution.

DWU Central and NCD Students Association vice-president, Beverly Tungal, who is a third year Business Accounting student, says the awareness program aims to motivate the students of Central to consider attaining a tertiary level of education.

Furthermore, in doing so, the number of student intake from the province would rise, contributing to the bigger picture of a developed community and province.

Twenty-one students visited Kwikila secondary and donated three boxes of library books from DWU’s friendship library. They also gave an electronic device, called RACHEL, to Kupiano Secondary School.

RACHEL stores 64G worth of educational content that can be accessed offline and is convenient for use in rural schools.

Tungal said they used their club funds to carry out the awareness program.

“Our main source of support was from our club patron and Mr. Piki Airi and his wife, the DWU community, the Central Province community residing in Madang, especially the Hetura group from the Madang United Church, Central students from Madang tech and Madang Teachers College and finally, the DWU CSA club members and their parents,” she stated.

She said they hope to call on other tertiary institutions and alumni to carry out such awareness in the future for a bigger coverage and impact in the province.

Press release