Double launch for Kupiano school

A new double story dormitory and school perimeter fencing was celebrated at the Kupiano Secondary School in Abau District, Central Province.

The launch of the girls dormitory and school fence was witnessed by the Member for Abau Sir Puka Temu and education officials from Central Province Education Division.

According to SM Contractor, Jnr Paul Valavu, the dormitory is worth K4, 000, funded under the Central Provincial Government. The project was under the previous government however payments are yet to be received, but the construction was completed for both girls and boys dormitories.

“The actual cost would be around K600,000 – K700,000 due to logistics and purchase of mattresses and pillows for the 64 beds for the double story dormitory,” stated Valavu.

During the launch, Deputy Governor for Central Province, Willie Vavi, stated that the funding for the project is through the LNG development levy, for the people of Central.

“A total of K2.5 million is budgeted in the Central Provincial Government budget, under the school infrastructural program for Kupiano and Kwikila secondary schools; and a further K1 million for Iarowari and Laloki secondary schools,” stated Vavi.

He acknowledged the Central Provincial Government for honouring a commitment made by the previous government, which had allowed the remaining funds to be paid to SM contractors for the work done at Kupiano and Kwikila secondary schools.   

The girls’ dormitory is part of other infrastructural development programs at the school, including the male student’s dormitory which was opened last year.

The National Fisheries Authority funded the perimeter fencing of the Kupiano secondary school by Eden Contractors.