District Rollout Project

The people of Lelet in the New Ireland Province were overwhelmed at the recent launch of the Belhat Development Project 131/28.

Villagers received water tanks, color bond sheets, ovens, pig fence and solar lighting units for families.

Lelet is located in the hinterlands of Sentral Niu Ailan Local Level Government where the high altitude and the cold climate contributes immensely to the production of best fruits and vegetables in the Namatanai District but has not seen service delivery in a long while.

Member for Namatanai, Walter Schnaubelt assured locals that the Belhat Development Project was delivered to their doorsteps and more was expected.

Mr Schnaubelt also announced a K1.5 million road maintenance plan for Lelet approved by the Namatanai District Development Authority (NDDA) recently.

He acknowledged the Lelet Network Management Team (NMT), a community-based organization (CBO) for the reception.

“NMT you are a force to be reckoned with, do not underestimate yourselves in this network,” Mr Schnaubelt said.

Lelet Ward Member, Rodney Edward said it was the first roll out of project 131 for Lelet and they will continue to benefit more next year.

He said the Belhat Development project 131/28 covered 181 recipients/wards selected by the NMT, it was fairly distributed, and recipients announced publicly.

Executive officer and New Ireland Provincial National Alliance Party Chairman, Augustine Molonges said the project launch is the beginning of many things yet to come.

He acknowledged the people of Lelet and the NMT for demonstrating their leadership in promoting the leader, Minister Schnaubetl who is unique in New Ireland and PNG.

“We are privileged to be working with a leader as such and I can guarantee you all that there is more development coming.

“Five years is a short time to reach the services but our leader has proven that he is walking the talk and I urge you all to work together with us,” Molonges said.

Namatanai LLG President Joshus Takin Soi said Namatanai has a bright future.

“This is my second time to come to Lelet under the leadership of Minister Schnaubelt, we have done the right thing to support a quality leader of his caliber. We will continue to see the bigger part of development in Lelet.”

“Our leadership is directing us today to a future where we will be self-reliant,” Takin Soi said.

Vice president of the Tanir LLG, Chris Lukun said the reception of the people in Lelet showed that they were very happy that they will benefit from these projects.

“I urge you all to stand with Tanir LLG to work together with our leader for the delivery of more such projects going forward,” Mr Lukun added.

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