Dirima Concludes Exams

Fifty-three Grade 8 students of Dirima Primary School in Gumine district, Chimbu joined the rest of the country to sit for the national examinations this week.

Beginning with the Written Expression paper the examination on Monday and ended the exams today with English paper two.

Head teacher, Jack Gena in welcoming the invigilators, Pauline Ninkama and Elias Ule said the students have come through many challenges over the past seven years to this day they sit for their examinations.

Mr Gena said the students have been disturbed with the COVID-19 pandemic and acknowledged them for their perseverance in attending classes through difficult times until the week of their examinations.

He said: “The Coronavirus is here to stay and after their examinations the students must remain vigilant in preventing transmissions to families and community in Dirima”.

Dirima Catholic parish priest, Fr. Peter Kim after the blessing of the examination papers on Sunday also supplied facemasks to students to wear, while sitting for their exams. Friends from South Korea donated the facemasks.

Mr Sipa, who runs a personal bike to do inspections of the 24 primary schools in the district. He said on average 300-400 grade eight students in Gumine district sat for the 2021 final exams.

“The most unique school that is now having its grade eight students sitting for the examination is Nondri, the most remote school, that has five students,” he said.

Apart from that, not all schools in the district have reported any hiccups except for Omkolai Primary school, which reported one sick student who did not sit for the exams.

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