Digicel opens Staff Family shop

Digicel PNG continues to support its employees; this time with the opening of a new family shop in the Head office, at Gordons in Port Moresby.

The shop was opened today by Digicel PNG CEO, Valde Ferradaz, who stated that it is a great initiative for sales as well as training for the staff.

The opening of the shop will now enable the retail staff among others to go through practical training on how to make sales in Digicel outlets or shops throughout the country.

It was also revealed that the shop was purposely initiated as a centre for excellence for staff involved in sales and ensure product awareness for training purposes.

It will also add value to the staff of Digicel PNG who will also be allowed discounts on some of the items available.

The CEO acknowledged the efforts by staff who had contributed towards the successful set up and eventual opening of the shop.

The shop will be opened to the staff two times a day every day, from 12- 2pm and 4pm to 5pm, whilst the rest of the time it will be dedicated to sales training for the retail staff and interested employees.


Imelda Wavik