Digicel Foundation rewards school with new library

Located on the borders of Port Moresby and Central Province in Sogeri, is Seventh Day Adventist run, Bisiatabu Primary School.

Bisiatabu Primary School was one of 14 primary schools in the Central Province to benefit from a Digicel PNG Foundation funded double classroom project, back in 2014.

On Wednesday, Digicel PNG Foundation launched the Bisiatbau Library Reward infrastructure project as the school and community showed good governance and community ownership of the classroom investment that was built back in 2014.

Representing the Digicel PNG Foundation, Calextus Simeon challenged the students by reading the books that are being provided in the new library.

Simeon encouraged teachers, parents, students and the entire Bisiatabu community to look after of the infrastructure so that the other upcoming children will be able to utilize it for generations to come.

“We are not stopping here; Digicel Foundation plans to roll out many more similar projects to help improve the education of our people and the society as large,” Simeon said.

Digicel PNG Foundation CEO, Beatrice Mahuru upon addressing the school said as a foundation that as Digicel grows as a company the communities should also grow with the company by building a positive community spirit.

The library building is worth K125, 000 and comes complete with solar lighting, tables, seat benches, book shelves, books, librarian desks, chair and desktop computer.

This is all part of the Foundations rewards program for schools who show exceptional governance and community ownership.

Meantime, Bisiatabu’s head teacher, Roger Zega thanked the Foundation, adding that with a student population of 231, only four teachers and four classrooms, the library is timely.

“This will help some student to self- teach and learn things from outside the classroom. We truly appreciate the new library and we look forward to working with the foundation for the education of our students,” he said.

Annette Kora