Deserving infrastructure for Manus school

A school that has served the Sohoneriu community of Manus Province for over fifty years receives a new primary school double classroom from Digicel PNG Foundation.

The Sohoneriu Primary School is situated in Sohoneriu village within the mountain ranges of the Penabu Mali Sopat LLG in the Manus Province. The school was established in 1964 and has educated many people in this community.

Over the years, classrooms have been built to cater for the increasing number of students, however, the need for a modern permanent facility would be more beneficial to the people of Sohoneriu and the neighbouring communities for generations to come.

With clear evidence of good governance and active participation from the parents and citizens of this community, the school was highly recommended to the Digicel Foundation as deserving of a double classroom facility. On the 2nd of July, this fully kitted double classroom was successfully launched on site in Sohoneriu village.

Officiating at the launch of the new double classrooms in Sohoneriu village was the Digicel PNG Foundation Chairman, Michael Henao.

In his address at the launch, Henao said: “It is our hope that this infrastructure will enable the children of Sohoneriu to one day grow up to become nation-builders, walking the halls of Waigani and effecting positive changes for the betterment of Papua New Guinea and the world.”

The classrooms are valued at K300,000 and come with fully kitted solar installations, desks to cater for 80 students, blackboards and an office space for the teachers included in the double classroom design.

Apart from the construction of the double classroom, the Foundation also built toilet and shower facilities which included the installation of a water tank.

The community came together with the excited teachers and students to welcome and thank the Digicel PNG Foundation team for this new double classroom and WASH facilities for the teachers and students of Sohoneriu.

To date, the Foundation has invested K870,000 in Manus Province. This spend has been for elementary school and primary school double classrooms.

(Digicel PNG Foundation Chairman, Michael Henao, at the launch)

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