Department partners with TV show to raise awareness

The Department of Community Development, Youth and Religion has partnered with TV program ‘Think Tank Quiz (TTQ)’ to raise awareness on the ‘Lukautim Pikinini Act’.

Today a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between the Department and TTQ producers, Melanesian Multimedia Limited (MML) to begin work on the collaboration.

MML is a subsidiary of popular fast food chain, Big Rooster, which has been the major sponsor of the show for the last four years.

Department Secretary, Anna Solomon, said the program was an excellent platform for them to create awareness among school children.

“What we are going to be signing today is for TTQ Quiz to ask our children to ask questions surrounding Lukautim Pikinini Act, gender based violence, disability, elderly, and so forth, so that we are advocating to our children at a very young age.

The Department will also be working with MML to create a set of questions which will be used throughout the span of the TTQ show.

Big Rooster Director, Salim Chamdia, said it was a proud moment for them to be associated with the Department delivering the TTQ program  for school children.

 “The whole idea of the TTQ and MML objective is to develop educational oriented programs, bringing it into an entertainment form where it can be shared while at the same time we participate in community development,” he said.

K40, 000 of an earmarked K200, 000 for the partnership was presented today to MML to begin work on integrating awareness aspects of the Act into the program.

Cedric Patjole