CPL supports Buk bilong Pikinini

City Pharmacy Limited conducted a Health Awareness campaign for the children from the Buk bilong Pikinini Early Learning Centre at Tatana village on Friday 13th November, 2020.

About 30 pupils of the total 80 registered pupils with their teachers and parents were treated to a double header health awareness with St. John Ambulance staff going before the City Pharmacy health team.  

Managing Director of CPL, Sir Mahesh Patel was welcomed by 5 year old Raimase Jimmy demonstrating book reading to him.

“But apart from education, you can be very smart but if you don’t have good health, it’s nothing. And that is the purpose of today, is to say ok well City Pharmacy being in the healthcare business we’d also like to educate our children about health and wellbeing,” Sir Mahesh said.

The CPL Nurse conducted health education on hand washing and hygiene led by Nurse Clara, Dental Care and brushing of teeth using Colgate Palm Olive products, deworming, scabies free medication and more.

“You know next year will be a new year and hopefully we’ll get all the kids back teacher, we’ve only got a portion of kids here today, but when you see your friends who are not coming to school, please encourage them to come, so next year we see the whole 80 children when we come back.” Sir Mahesh Patel – CPL Managing Director

Free drinks with biscuits were given out to the children together with a dental packet and extra deworming medicine pack and information leaflets were given to the parents.

According to Sandra Cunningham, CPL Nurse Manager, CPL has been supporting Buk bilong Pikinini with health education throughout the year. It is part of the six years partnership between CPL an Buk bilong Pikinini.

Frieda Kana