Councilors call for peace

Locals from Kompiam Ambum electorate in Enga Province have raised concerns on the ongoing conflict in the area.

Deputy President of Ambum LLG, Lomean Tonde flanked by three other Counsellors, Theodore Yole, Lucas Imindi and Mathew Mulex today provided facts on the situation on the ground. 

The leaders said the Kompiam Ambum MP, Sir John Pundari has done everything he can to prevent violence and has left it to Police to conduct independent investigations into the destruction of public and private properties at Kaipores and Meriamanda. 

“We are witness to the fact that our MP from the beginning of the conflict is doing his best to restore peace. We leaders requested the Komban Tribe to take responsibility of the cold-blooded murder of the Akol Counsellor and pay “Bel Kol” compensation,” Tonde said.                             

Had this been done, this would have prevented further escalation of violence,” they said.

Stating that the Akols only attacked when “Bel Kol” and saying sorry for the murder of their Counsellor was not done by those responsible. 
They attacked after three months of pleading for intervention by Governor Ipatas and the Police force. 

“There was no action by them and those responsible (Samson Phanapen’s supporters) frustrated the Akols. Phanapen’s people provoked the situation by saying that they had killed “a nobody” and refused to take ownership of the murder,” the leaders said.

“When the unfortunate incident happened, Sir John Pundari committed to assist the Komban Tribe (Samson Phanapens Tribe) to compensate the murder of the young Akol Counsellor. An incredible gesture from our MP.” 

They said the devastation to Sir John Pundari’s village is a separate incident from the murder of the Akol Counsellor and was an act of criminals. 
Stating that the incident was pre-emptive, totally unprovoked, and conducted on three fronts by the supporters of three of the seven candidates calling themselves, Team-Seven. 

“Damages totaling more than K70 million in public and private assets were set to flames and Sir John is still waiting on the Police to investigate this matter.” 

They have called on Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas to provide leadership and also the other provincial leaders to stop the fighting; they have claimed the Governor has shown no interest.

“Sir Pundari is pushing for peace and provided support through the DDA, which includes his advice to the District CEO to fully cooperate with the PPC for Enga to bring peace,” the local leaders said.

These issues are election-related. 
“They have maintained aggression while petitions are on foot with no respect for due process, law and order, and the courts. These election petitions cannot be heard under intimidation, threat and fear,” locals say.

“The election petition cases must wait until peace and order is restored in the district. On behalf of my counsellors, I call for peace for our people and district. We appeal to the Police and Government to intervene and bring an end to this conflict,” said Tonde. 

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