Consultations underway for Gazelle Agro Special Economic Zone

Consultations have started in Gazelle District, East New Britain to map out a way forward in the proposed Gazelle Agro Special Economic Zone (GASEZ).

In 2020, the ENB Provincial Government declared Gazelle district to be the industrial hub of the province. This massive economic impact project will cover its five LLGs.

Commencing initial consultations over the weekend, Gazelle MP and District development Authority (DDA) Board Chairman, Jelta Wong and four LLG presidents for Lassul Baining, Inland Baining, Livuan Reimber, Central Gazelle and staff from ENB provincial and district administration visited Inland and Lassul Baining and met with locals.

The visit was part of a series of stakeholder consultation and advocacy meetings facilitated by the Gazelle District Administration and the Technical Working Committee tasked by the DDA to do the preparatory work required to realise the GASEZ.

These stakeholders’ consultations held culminated in the field visit to the proposed impacted areas over the weekend.

Minister Wong told the people that the project would not only generate more economic activities, but also promote exports of value added local goods and services, grow investments both domestic and international, create employment, develop and improve infrastructures

The team visited the new Open Bay Local Level Government and the Pondo approved growth centre and met with the people to gauge their views on their priorities.

At Konako, a meeting was held with the people at Kuridal Plantation and also paid a visit to the Lassul Health Centre.

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