Complete Entrepreneurial Course

Nineteen (19) people in Kokopo have completed a course covering five strategic modules that taught them entrepreneurship, financial literacy and mindset development.

The Kokopo Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program was held over five weekends at Melanesia Training Institute and concluded its series last weekend with the participants receiving their certificates of participation.

Program facilitator Lamang Business Consultants (LBC) said the entrepreneurial mentorship program aims to empower Papua New Guineans to rise above the mediocrity of life to becoming active participants in economic development, through entrepreneurship and wealth creating opportunities

Principal of LBC and business coach, L. Scat Lamang highlighted the observation that more and more Papua New Guineans were becoming spectators in economic development because they lacked the knowledge and skills to actively participate.

“Even though, while others may have the necessary knowledge and skills, they still cannot take hold of business opportunities because they lack the motivation and guidance to propel them forward,” Lamang said.

“This program is rolled out to provide solutions to this different concerns through a holistic approach, where not only financial literacy is delivered but that lessons on business management, economics, psychology and personal growth are also expounded on.

Retiring members of the workforce, aspiring entrepreneurs and other ordinary Papua New Guineans are encouraged to participate in the program to be empowered to create wealth and financial abundance for personal and business success.

The program will now head over to Kimbe for the Kimbe Series which is scheduled to start on the 22nd of May. 

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