Climate Change Ambassador

Melbourne Storm Centre and PNG’s Rugby League Superstar Justin Olam has been nominated as Climate Change Ambassador for PNG.

The appointment was announced by the Minister for Climate Change and Environment-Conservation Wera Mori on Friday 18th February.  Olam who is in the country on compassionate leave, accepted the invitation to be the Climate Change Ambassador.

Minister Mori thanked Olam for taking on this challenge for a very critical cause.

“Given the challenges not only in PNG, we’re so thankful that he had decided to accept our invitations to become our ambassador for climate change to advocate for the need of PNG as part of the global community. We stand together in this fight against Climate Change,” Mori said.

Olam acknowledged the obvious impact of global warming and sea level rise, drowning islands and shorelines, especially in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

“I think it’s a responsibility that each and every one of us should take on board, each and every citizen of planet earth and PNG. We collectively need to work together to help to fight and minimize the effects of global warming and you know when it comes down to taking responsibility as to plant a tree or if you’re back in the village, wherever you are, plant a tree. And one big thing that I’ve realized is looking after and controlling your rubbish,” Olam said.

Olam went on to encourage citizens to protect marine life by keeping our oceans clean.

“We all have a responsibility towards our environment and planet earth. I’m pleased to be the ambassador of this very worthy cause,” Olam added.

Minister Mori said further that the Ministry is supporting a community climate change advocacy group Dika Suna Conservation Inc. in Chimbu, initiated by the newly appointed ambassador for Climate Change, Justin Olam.

In cementing the nomination of Olam as the Ambassador for Climate Change, the Climate Change office donated K150,000 to Dika Suna Conservation Inc., who are on a mission to plant trees in their locality.

Frieda Kana