Climate change actions continue

Climate change is an issue that needs collective effort from all stakeholders and with it comes the need for contribution for adaptation and resilience.

This was the main point raised recently during the official ending of the Adaptation Fund Project product launching.

This project was to enhance the adaptive capacity of communities to climate change-related floods in the North Coast and Islands Region of Papua New Guinea.

Despite the project ending, coastal communities have recognised the destruction of some of the main climate resilient environmental ecosystems, including mangroves.

Partners in addressing climate change in PNG have also acknowledged the pathway taken, especially by the government and the Climate Change Development Authority.

The managing director of CCDA, Ruel Yamuna, noted that through this project there was awareness and other programs that were initiated.

He said there have been many feedbacks which the CCDA sees as a positive outcome for the efforts they have put into addressing climate change.

Meantime, in a press statement, the Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change, John Pundari, highlighted that climate change is a priority for government and as a result, PNG was amongst the first to ratify the Paris agreement recently at the COP23.

It was concluded that the adaptation fund will now serve the Paris agreement to see continued support to developing countries in implementing climate change adaptation activities.

(Flooding along the Erap River in Morobe Province. Credit: Bob Elvin)

Imelda Wavik