Church Donates Rations To NCDC

The Iglesia Ni Christo Church of Christ Worldwide donated food last Friday, October 22 to the National Capital District Commission to help the needy in the city during the pandemic.

Despite its 44 years of existence in the country, this is the first time for the church to collaborate with NCDC in their charity mission.

Church Resident Minister, Brother Regino Bong Manangan Jnr, said it is a token to show that the church cares not only for the spiritual lives of the people but physically as well.

“The Church of Christ advocacy is to help fight poverty. We the members of the church are wholeheartedly donating and so glad to handover these goods to the government to be our share in alleviating the needs of the people. We are happy in doing good,” he said.

Brother Regino Bong Manangan Jnr said the gesture is also to make their Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Vimanalo happy on his birthday promising to continue intensified works of propagation. 

“The most important thing we want to share to our fellow men are the words of God which we need for our salvation. We promise to convene more AID to Humanity outreach project not just in Port Moresby but to the entire country.”

Meanwhile, NCD Governor, Powes Parkop thanked the members of the church for what they had been doing in the city and the country, bringing AID for Humanity as part of their mission.

“This is a timely gesture and intervention, as we all know our people in the city and around the country face a lot of challenges to sustain themselves because of the pandemic.  This has affected aspect of life, particularly affected the economy and the means of our people to sustain themselves,” he said.

The Church of Christ members donated 300 bales of Ori Skel Rice, cartons containing tang juice, noodles and biscuits.

Governor Parkop said the NCDC would do a plan to identify those needy people that are relevant to get such donation and distribute to them soon.

Frieda Kana