China Medical Team Saves Newborn

A newborn baby boy's life was saved thanks to the quick and skilled intervention of the China Medical Team at the Special Care Nursery(SCN) of Port Moresby General Hospital.

A newborn baby boy's life was saved thanks to the quick and skilled intervention of the China Medical Team at the Special Care Nursery(SCN) of Port Moresby General Hospital.

The baby was discharged from the hospital on May 16 and the hospital held a discharge celebration for the baby.

The mother of the baby, Josephine Inapi, expressed her gratitude to Dr. Zhenqiu Liu, China Medical Team Deputy Team Leader of the 12th China Medical team and the staff at SCN, thanking them for their lifesaving efforts.

During the discharge celebration, the baby's mother asked Dr. Zhenqiu Liu to give the baby a Chinese name. After careful consideration, Dr. Zhenqiu Liu chose the Chinese name "泰乐" (Tai-Lor) and the English name "Taylor" for the baby, which means "Lucky and happy".

Josephine Inapi, a 38-week pregnant woman delivered her baby by C-section, due to fetal distress.

The Apgar score was alarmingly low at birth, and the baby was suffering from severe asphyxia, meconium aspiration syndrome, sepsis, and persistent pulmonary hypertension. Despite treatment with oxygen, antibiotics, and pulmonary artery pressure-lowering medications, the baby's oxygen saturation continued to drop, posing a grave risk of multi-organ damage and cardiac and respiratory arrest.

On the third day of hospitalization, Dr. Zhenqiu Liu, a newborn specialist and member of the China Medical Team, noticed that the baby's condition was deteriorating rapidly and decided to initiate mechanical ventilation to save the baby's life.

Under the leadership of Dr. Zhenqiu Liu, a dedicated team was quickly assembled, and a series of measures, including intubation, oxygenation, positive pressure ventilation, ventilation mode selection, and sedation, were smoothly implemented. With the respiratory support from the ventilator, the baby's skin color quickly changed from cyanosis to pink, and his oxygen saturation rose from 60% to 90%. Other vital signs also returned to normal ranges.

Over the next few days, the baby's breathing continued to improve, and he gradually regained his spontaneous breathing function. After four days of invasive ventilation, he was successfully switched to non-invasive N-CPAP mode, and three days later, he was weaned off the ventilator and started breathing on his own.

Dr. Zhenqiu Liu and the China Medical Team are part of a longstanding partnership between China and Papua New Guinea to improve healthcare in the country.

The team has been in PNG since 2002 and has saved many lives through their expertise and dedication to providing quality medical care.

The successful treatment of the newborn baby is a testament to the teamwork and skill of the China Medical Team and the quality of care available at Port Moresby General Hospital. It is also a reminder of the importance of international cooperation in advancing healthcare worldwide.

Dr. Zhenqiu Liu said that we are not only celebrating this baby’s recovery, but also celebrating the power of human connection and compassion. We are here to remind ourselves that no matter how difficult the challenge, we can always overcome it together.Let us continue to work together to improve the quality of healthcare and advance medical knowledge. Let us also remember the importance of hope, faith, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Finally, Dr. Zhenqiu Liu said that the China Medical Team will continue their work in PNG, providing much-needed medical aid and strengthening the friendship between the two nations.

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