A cheerful Christmas planned for children at hospital

Despite the ongoing tribal fighting in and around Tari, children at the Hela Provincial Hospital will receive toys this week to brighten their stay during the Festive Season.

Hospital Board Chairman Peter Botten, accompanied by Oil Search executive general manager for stakeholder engagement, Gerea Aopi, toured the Tari region and visited the hospital on Monday.

During the visit, Botten thanked the hospital staff for their contribution to the significant changes that have occurred at the hospital since the new board took over earlier in the year. He also thanked the support of a number of partners, including Oil Search, the Oil Search Foundation and other stakeholders.

β€œIt has been a real partnership with the Company and Foundation working with the Provincial Government, NDOH and Department of Personnel Management to progressively build the capacity of the hospital,’’ Botten said after the visit.

It was business as usual for the Hospital Board, as they toured the wards, spoke to patients and presented boxes of toys to the paediatric ward.

Botten remarked that the town was quiet and going about its normal business in preparation for Christmas.

He welcomed the deployment of additional security forces into the region and the recently announced gun amnesty, which will help remove guns from the local community, especially in the lead up to the election in June.

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