Central committee members sworn in

The Central Provincial Government recently witnessed the appointment of Provincial Assembly committee chairmen and their membership.

Senior Magistrate Bruno Saiho swore them in at the provincial headquarters at Konedobu.

The sworn in chairman and committee members are as follows; President for Rigo Coast LLG, Chillion Golu is the Chairman assisting the Governor.

President for Kuni LLG, Jimmy Aniawa, was sworn-in as Chairman for Public Accounts Committee and its members are Frank Kapipi President for Cloudy Bay and Sihl Ure, appointed member representing the business.

President for Vanapa Brown Lucian Rove was appointed as Chairman for Public Works Committee with appointed member of Assembly, Frank Bouraga, and President for Rigo North LLG, Roger Mackenzie, as members of the committee.

Desmond Baira, President for Aroma Coast, is now appointed Chairman for Housing and Privileges Committee with Women representative Vela Tom and Disability representative Raymond Genebayo as members.

President for Woitape LLG, Fabian Aia, is the Chairman for Legislative Committee with appointed member for Assembly, Avia Koisen, and Youth representative, Tess Gizoria, as members.

President for Mekeo, John Apini, is appointed as the Chairman for Provincial Boundaries committee with appointed member, Douveri Henao and Avia Koisen as members.

In his closing remarks, Magistrate Saio Bruno said: “Whatever you do in these offices are now no longer private as you have taken the oath to uphold the integrity of these offices and I trust that you’ll deliver services to the people in the best of your abilities.” 

Members of the Central Provincial Assembly after the swearing-in front from left Fabian Aia President for Woitape, Roger McKenzie President for Rigo North, John Apini President for Mekeo, Desmond Baira President for Aroma Coast, Senior Magistrate Bruno Saiho, Vela Tom Appointed Women’s representative and Thomas Amenai President for Guari.

Back row from left John Mona, Assembly clerk, Fred Silona President for Rigo Central, Chillion Golu President for Rigo Coast, Noel Manai President for Tapini, (obscured) Jimmy Manai President for Kuni, Lucian Rove President for Vanapa/Brown, Haoda Rogea President for Hiri, Willie Vavi Deputy Governor, Tony Maiyawa

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