Cameron Food Appeal

Cameron Secondary School in Milne Bay Province has put out a Food Appeal initiative, because of delayed subsidies reaching the school, to be able to cater for boarding students.

Appeal Coordinator, Magistrate Rebecca Kwayaila said the food appeal was launched when the school was forced to send their boarding students home.

In her appeal letter, Magistrate Kwayalia stated that students from outer islands and other parts of the province who had no relatives, remained on school grounds and were being supported by staff with basic meals. Hence the appeal was to help feed the students until rations were made available. 

On Friday August 20th, Trukai Industries responded to the appeal and donated 50 10kg bags of rice to the school. 

Trukai Industries Marketing Manager, Maryanne Tom, said these students represent the future of our nation, and it would be a shame to see them in need and not give a helping hand, for their wellbeing. 

Press Release