Call for more resources to rehabilitate criminal behavior

Institute of National Affairs Director, Paul Barker has called on the Government to make more resources available to prisoners in order to change their behavior before exiting the prison walls.

He said more crimes committed recently involved criminals who have been arrested by police but were released but continued doing the same mistakes again.


Barker added that most crimes in the country have been perpetrated by a relatively small number of people.

“Take the latest armed hold ups in normally peaceful MiIne Bay that sadly caused a fatality last week.

“It seems to have been caused by a small gang, whose ring leader has been arrested before, and even jailed, but each time, he is released by the police or escaped from Jail.

Meantime, Samarai Murua MP, Leonard Isi Henry, raised this issue last week in Parliament asking the Police Minister Jelta Wong, to address the issue once and for all.

Minister Wong responded and told Parliament that the police are doing its best and the suspects will be apprehended soon.

Freddy Mou