Bundi students to train as health workers

Seven students from the remote villages of Bundi, in Madang Province, have been given the opportunity to train as community health workers in Simbu.

On Tuesday, October 20th, the Kumura Foundation met with Mark Kumul, the principal of the Kundiawa Community Health Worker Training School, to enrol students from Bundi’s seven remote villages to start training in 2021.

“Three more students of Bundi will be enrolled at the Simbu School of Nursing next year, bringing the total number of students undertaking health trainings to 10,” said founder Vincent Kumura.

“The students’ education will be sponsored by the Sir Brian Bell Foundation.

“While they are in school, we will build 10 aid posts in 10 major and strategic villages of Bundi (both Upper and Lower Bundi) sponsored by the Sir Brian Bell Foundation. After graduating, the students will return to their home villages of Bundi to serve for five solid years before moving on with their professional career.

“Since December 2013, we have conducted 20 rural medical patrols and outreach programs, treating over 10,000 patients. Given the challenging terrains of the Central Bismarck Corridor and longer distances, it is risky for our visiting medical doctors and health workers to patrol and is quite costly for the foundation to sustain such programs.

“Also, in the 80s to early 90s, we had about 22 active aid posts in Bundi LLG. Of these, only 1 is semi-active today with a volunteer worker.  A very sad scenario regarding the delivery of basic health services in Bundi.

“The goal of this project is to bring quality basic healthcare service to the people where they are and reduce risky and expensive medical patrols.

“On behalf of the people of Bundi, we are very thankful to the Sir Brian Bell Foundation for your great partnership and in pushing this healthcare project forward.

“We are also thankful to these institutions of Simbu for accepting our students.”

(Students of the Kundiawa Community Health Worker Training School)

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