Bundi disadvantaged children off to school

It was a sad morning for the Kumura Foundation team when they saw off 19 orphans and disadvantaged children of Bundi (ages 6-10) for school in Simbu.

The children arrived on Saturday January 6th from as far as the border villages of remote Jimi, soaking wet and tired from walking.

It took some of them three days to reach Vincent Kumura’s house at Snow Pass.

“We had a ‘Back to School’ refreshment followed by a movie night for them,” said the director.

“This year, over 30 orphans and disadvantaged children of Bundi will attend school in Simbu as boarding students under our ‘Educating Orphans of Bundi Project’.”

After breakfast on Sunday, February 7th, the team had briefings and shared with them some encouraging thoughts.

“As they bid farewell to me and set off for what would be a 6-8 hours of trekking over the blue cloud covered range of Mondia Pass by Mt. Wilhelm, with their small backpacks and bilums with no umbrellas, I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling. I can only imagine what their future will be like,” said Kumura.

“As the last kid left my sight, I thought to myself, at least we are trying our best to give them a good foundation.”

Last year, the foundation enrolled 40 students under this program, but when COVID-19 struck and schools were shut down for a few months, 15 went home and never returned.

With a few new additions, over 30 orphans and disadvantaged children are enrolled again for school in Simbu this year.

“Those who attended Denglagu Primary School will be lodged at Betty Higgins’ area at Mt. Wilhelm. Those observers, kindergartens and elementary 1 & 2 will be lodged at the Maudra ACE School in Gembogl this year. The school is operated by Willie Gene and wife Patricia Gene.

“The foundation is very thankful to Bronwyn Wright, the CEO of the Sir Brian Bell Foundation, and her team for their continuous support to this noble project since last year,” added Kumura.

“We are also very thankful to Betty Higgins and Mr. and Mrs. Gene for their generous hearts and partnership.

“Together we work to shape the next generation of minds in PNG.”

Individuals or groups who wish to support the project by giving orphans a fair chance in life can make a kind contribution to:

Kumura Foundation Inc.

BSP cheque account #7013229047

Email receipts to kumurafoundation@gmail.com for confirmation and formal acknowledgement from the foundation.

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