Bunabun want issue with settlers addressed

Community leaders living around the Bunabun area in the Sumkar District have called on their political leaders to seriously address the conflict they have with Manam Islanders residing at Mangem Care Centre.

Head Teacher of Bunabun Primary School Daniel Dadar and Health Extension Officer at Bunabun Health Center Vaniah Emogal, said the government services at Bunabun are non-operational due to the conflict between Manam settlers at Mangem Care Centre and the Bunanbun people.

Mr Dadar told Sumkar MP Alexander Orme Suguman that many lives and property have been destroyed because of fighting. He wants the Manam Resettlement Authority, the office of the Member for Bogia, the Governor’s office and the national government to address it.

HEO Emogal said health facilities were damaged during a fight between the villagers and the settlers. She added that security is at risk because lawlessness is escalating and police are unable to provide security when requested.

MP Suguman said he will make time to discuss with the responsible authorities on how best they can help the settlers, who have equal rights to government services.

He said there are plans to establish a police post at Bunabun with three officers to man it.

Sylvester Wemuru