Buka tourism plans on track: Manager

Plan for making Buka town into a tourism hub in 2018 are now on track and there are four components in the tourism development program for Buka town.

Tourism infrastructure: Already in place, town cleanliness, road sealing, buildings, etc.

Product development: Developing products that will invite and attract tourists.

Capacity development: For tourism stakeholders.

Solomon seas tourism zone: Bougainville and Solomon Islands.

Buka town manager, Edward Kenai, said component one is currently in progress while the other three are waiting for funds.

“Also in the program, we have implementing partners. For instance, tourism infrastructure, the implementing partner is works and technical services because that will be pure technical,” explained Kenai.

“Component two, our implementing partner will be the tourism office and also the National Government’s Tourism Promotion Authority.”

The tourism office in Buka is the implementing partner for the third component.

“For component four, because it is more bilateral, we will make sure that we deal with the necessary stakeholders, for it will be cross border exercise Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji,” Kenai said.

“Everything is now on track but we’re just waiting for the National Government and the Tourism Promotion Authority to reply to our submission.

“But we will not wait, a coordinator will now be employed to get this program off the ground.”

(Picture: Bougainville 24) 

Peterson Tseraha