Building A Stronger, Smarter Community

Distance education facilitators at St Barbara’s Simberi Operations, New Ireland Province have praised two of their students for their outstanding achievements.

The students were accepted into a University where they will be studying for their Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Simberi’s Flexible Distance & Open Education (FODE) Coordinator, Patrick Nesen said the students have become role models to other youths on the island.

Ruthlyne Noah and Emmanuel Kivung both passed their grade 12 exams and will study at the Divine Word University (DWU) campus in Rabaul.

“They did exceptionally well, both scoring marks that were above average. It is a milestone for me, my teaching team and for the two young people. I am sure their entry into the university will attract more youths to come and study,” said Mr Nesen.

St Barbara established the centre for distance education in 2012. This year marks its 10th anniversary this year. Patrick said over the ten years, the road has not been easy for both students and teachers.

“After 10 years, I’ve seen many young people come and go. Students come and they leave halfway through the year as they try to manage family and community pressures.”

 “They are the first to have completed their full high school studies. We believe if Ruthlyne and Emmanuel can do it, so can other youngsters. We encourage families and the community to get behind their children to complete their high school education at the centre here,” he said.

The passionate teacher said the island’s FODE program did not have many connections with other tertiary schools around the country, however, he believes that his students will change that.

“Our two students have now become ambassadors. Ruthlyne and Emmanuel have connected Simberi to other universities and vocational schools throughout the country.”

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