Boana-Nabak footbridge launched

Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu has officially launched the construction of the footbridge that will connect Boana and Nabak.

The governor has also committed to upgrade the road between these two places.

The road and bridge will provide access for locals carrying food to and fro for the Lutheran 2020 Synod.

As a national event in Morobe, the governor as the head and on behalf of his people welcomed the event with the funding of:

  • Synod hall for hosting (already constructed)
  • Vehicle to assist synod committee (already given) and now,
  • Footbridge and road upgrade.

“I felt your pain and I'm here as a bridge between the people and government to launch a bridge construction between the two roads,” he said.

It took Governor Saonu four hours to travel on foot to Bambok at Nabak LLG to launch the construction of the footbridge. 

(Article by Albert Moses – third year UPNG Journalism student; The Morobe Governor officially launching the construction of the footbridge – Picture: Morobe Governor Facebook page)

Albert Moses