BbP Receives Stationery Donation

More than 1000 children from Buk Bilong Pikinini (BbP) graduated from Early Childhood Education Program this week.

Namba Wan Trophy Limited (NWTL) has been supporting BbP with volunteers and the donation of food items and treats for a number of large events for the last couple of years.

During the graduation, the Children enrolled in BbP’s programs each received a backpack, a pencil case, exercise books and stationery and are now ready to enrol next year.

NWTL donated more than 8000 pencils, 500 ball pens, 900 rulers, 2900 exercise/notebooks, 700 backpacks and 2900 pencil cases valued at K40,000 to the school.

BbP Executive Officer, Leanne Resson said: “We are so grateful to NWTL for this extra special educational gift for the children enrolled at our Library Learning Centres across PNG.

“It will motivate them in their learning knowing they have the right tools to get their work done. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the NWTL to improve education outcomes and literacy rates across PNG.”

BbP Founder and Chairlady, Anne-Sophie Hermann said: “Basic needs like pencils, pens, paper and textbooks and even more so pencil cases and backpacks can be so difficult for struggling families to supply for their children.

“This lack of materials can lead to absenteeism and illiteracy so we are incredibly grateful to the NWTL for this most thoughtful gift for the children in our program. Education and its resources encourage a life-time of problem-solving for young learners.”

NWTL’s CSR Chairlady, Yolande Saesaria said: “During these uncertain times, as a responsible corporate citizen, the NWTL Group is proud to be associated with BbP in ensuring that our children in communities are provided stability and ease in their learning and development.

“We trust that this sponsorship enhances the great learning experiences the children gain from the amazing work BbP continues to deliver across the nation.”


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