BbP launches new website for teachers

Buk bilong Pikinini has launched a new website to assist school teachers with digital skills for the classroom.

The website content was first tested on BbP’s 42 Teacher-librarians from the organisations’ Library Learning Centres across the country during a Digital Teacher Training, which took place in December 2020. 

The digital training program and associated website has been developed in partnership with Deloitte and Deloitte Digital and is valued at more than AUD $100,000. 

The website is free to use for all and provides access to topics such as basic computer functions, creating and printing documents, introduction to tablets, online safety and using digital learning in the classroom. 

The website has simple and easy to follow “how to” instructions, many links and guides such as how to use YouTube in the classroom, getting started with Google Classroom, top tips for effective online learning, understanding online risks and much more.

Many teachers in PNG have not had the opportunity to use computers and tablets as part of their teacher training and will greatly benefit from this comprehensive and easy to use website. 

The website covers everything that a teacher will need all in one place, but the site can be used by anyone seeking to improve their digital skills.

Thanks to the skills teachers will gain from using this website, they will feel more confident and ready to enable their students to safely enter the digital world and learn from meaningful content.

All BbP’s Library Learning Centres will see the implementation of a new Digital Learning Program in 2021 for the enrolled 5-year-old children. 

Loop Author