Aid Post Opens

People in the Bali Vitu Islands in West New Britain Province will no longer need to travel long distances to receive medical attention, now that an aid post has been built in the LLG.

West New Britain Governor, Sasindran Muthuvel opened the new aid post in Meto village, Ward 7 of the Bali Vitu LLG last week.

Governor Muthuvel was accompanied by Talasea LLG President, Francis Waka, Bali Vitu President, Raphael Divu, Provincial Health Authority representative, Daniel Augustine and Executive Manager for Education, Paul Laore.

Governor Muthuvel told locals that it is their responsibility to take care of the new aid post.

“It is not easy to build a building in a rural area, but destroying it is very easy. Your actions will cause problems in your community, and you will end up blaming the government for the lack of services in your area. Problems are not caused by outsiders, but by people from this community,” he said.

President for Bali Vitu LLG, Raphael Divu told those present at the opening the aid post should be used to treat sicknesses and not injuries inflicted by people.

“This should not be a place to treat a knife wound. This aid post should treat malaria, look after mothers in labour and treat other diseases.”

He also encouraged his people to refrain from demanding compensation for land used for government services.

“We have land that the government needs to establish vital services. The government will not come in and build much needed infrastructure in the sky. My People, look after these important services, and they will look after you.”

Local businessman and leader, Sam Kivia said the occasion marked the end of a long and mournful period that saw many deaths and long distance travel by sea to the Kimbe general Hospital for health care.

He thanked the provincial government for recognizing the need for an aid post in the LLG and implored the local to ‘keep the services alive’ by taking care of health workers, teachers and other government workers posted to the islands.

“To everyone who comes to use this aid post, mothers, young people and children, I ask that you keep the area clean at all times and take care of the facilities so we can enjoy it’s benefits for many years to come.”

PHA Representative, Daniel Augustin said the project was a partnership between the locals and the authority.

He also plans to build a separate maternity wing to be built for mothers, including two more staff houses in the future.

Melissa Wokasup