Agarobe: Quality education is the way forward

Central Governor, Robert Agorobe, says quality education is the key aspect to boost education in Central province.

A new approach will be taken by the Governor to ensure this is instilled during his term as the Governor.

Agarobe announced today that starting 2018, he will be visiting schools to identify strategies that can be taken to see this vision through.

He said this during his speech at the Kwikila secondary graduation today.

Agorobe said an educated Central province is a province that can reach a whole new level.

Arriving just in time to give his speech, following the key note speaker, Member for Rigo, Lekwa Gure, the Governor noted that there is need to invest in education.

He encouraged the graduates that this is not the end of their education journey, stating that some will make it to higher institutions while others will not, however they must not see this is a failure but a stepping stone.

Prior to this Member for Rigo Lekwa Gure noted that Rigo district needs to be recognised as one of the districts that contribute in intellectuals and human resources.

He said he will ensure that in working together with the Governor to see this go through.

Both the Governor and member donated K5000 each to the school.

Imelda Wavik