66 graduate as CHW

The Catholic Diocese of Mendi recently celebrated the graduation of 66 students from the Mother of Divine Shepherd Community Health Workers (CHW) Training School.

The celebration was a combination of the 43rd and 44th graduation anniversary.

Bishop of Mendi, Donald Lippert OFM Cap, said the first lot did not graduate last year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak pandemic.

Bishop Lippert said community health workers were the frontline public health workers who were vital in our society as they understood the community they serve. 

 He urged those graduating that with the skills and knowledge attained, they should now seek to help people and become the light that gives hope to those in darkness.

"The Training institution had its mission to prepare qualified health care professionals to serve patients in the health facilities in the rural areas with love and compassion,” he said.

Principal Sr Cathy Lepi Pilang said as a church-run institution, it continued to face many struggles and hardships and it wanted to work more closely with the Government to improve its approaches in development.                     

She said the trained professionals would be providing healthcare services to people in remote villages of the country and it was important that the Church and Government work in partnership.                     

Southern Highlands Provincial Health Authority Public Health Director George Epei acknowledged the institution for its continuous support to public health, in providing trained CHWs, who would play an important role in saving lives in the rural areas.

He said people in the rural areas needed the services of community and frontline health workers, who would later form part of the community in the long run to serve the people.

Photo credit: CBCPNGSI

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