60 research assistants awarded

​60 research assistants were the proud recipients of certificates from the PNG National Research Institute (PNG NRI) yesterday.

The assistants participated in a survey that was conducted by the Institute, from December 7-16 last year.

With an aim to understand the dynamics of the informal sector economy in PNG, research assistants visited 10 main markets of Port Moresby, such as Gordon’s, Waigani and Konedobu, to interview the markets’ frequent vendors.

They were able to do this under the supervision of project supervisor Elizabeth Kopel and her team, which consisted of a consultant and less than 5 NRI cadets.

Through the interview, the survey was able to identify who was involved in the informal economy; the type and reasons for the goods and services sold, as well as the location of trade.

The survey also comes at a convenient time as NCDC prepares to review its Informal Sector Policy. The results of the survey can then be used as a guide in the review process.

A member of the research team told Loop PNG that the study was able to prove some of the claims made prior to the survey and thus was quite happy with the performance of the research assistants, as well as the results produced by the study.

A report based on the survey will soon be made available for public consumption.

Fiona Silo