15 lucky winners get Digicel 1 year free TV

Port Moresby resident Philip Hayes is one of 15 winners of Digicel Play’s “Subscribe and Win” promotion, receiving 12 months of free television viewing across all channels.

The special promotion, which ran from January 18 to February 18, saw customers who subscribed to any Digicel Play package go in to a draw to win a 365-day plan free of charge. 

Digicel PNG CEO Maurice McCarthy said the month-long promotion was a great success, awarding 15 winners in total from all over PNG.

“It has not only been an exciting promotion for all participants but has been a chance to thank Digicel Play’s loyal customers for subscribing,” he said.

“We are very pleased to give back to our customers who purchase the Digicel Play plans.”

Mr Hayes, who subscribes to the 7-day premium plan, said he was thrilled to win a full year of free television viewing for him and his family.

“I was very excited when I received the call telling me of my prize. It was the best call from Digicel I have ever received,” he said.

“Now I can save money and my family and I can enjoy all our favourite programs on Digicel Play.”

Philip said his favourite channel was the History channel while his wife loves watching programs on Lifetime.

The Port Moresby father said his children also enjoy watching TV shows on Disney and Nickelodeon.

Last month Digicel Play revamped its subscription plans for the large majority of Digicel Play viewers who want to be able to view more channels.

“The Premium packages have become increasingly popular with our customers and reflect their growing sophistication regarding digital TV and the multiple channels available,” said McCarthy.

Viewers can purchase a 1 day, 7 Day or 30 Day Premium Plan each providing access to more than 29 channels, or a 30 Day Regular Plan which allows customers to view 22 channels.

Customers can view the plans available by dialling *515#

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