“Keep Away From Politics”

Education Minister, Jimmy Uguro has warned teachers and students not to engage in politics especially during the elections.

He said the school premises must be free from any political campaigns or rallies because these are public properties and do not belong to any individual group.

Minister Uguro said the candidates and the supporters must respect state institutions and must not engage students in any form of political activities. He told parents to be watchful and keep an eye on their children, and not let them get involved with candidates.

Minister Uguro said students must be in class during the campaign period.

“It is the responsibility of teachers and parents to keep track of their children and students during school days. Students must concentrate as parents have spent a lot to get them educated.

Madang’s senior public servant, who want to remain anonymous, said school students are following candidates during their campaign. The officer said parents and teachers must work closely to monitor the students.

“When they follow a candidate, they build hatred against other candidates’ supporters and they can be influenced. This can lead to violence leading to death or damage of properties.  Therefore, students must remain in school and concentrate on their studies.” 

Sylvester Wemuru