Wafi-Golpu approval on Govt sights

Mining Minister, Johnston Tuke, says the Wafi-Golpu Mine in Morobe Province is the next major resource project on the Government’s agenda to approve.

Minister Tuke said it is their intention to have the project approved before the expiry of this term of Parliament.

Following the signing of the Framework Agreement between the State and Barrick Niugini Limited on April 9th, Mining Minister Johnston Tuke announced the granting of the Wafi-Golpu Mine Special Mining Lease (SML) was next.

He said it is the Government’s plan to have the Project approved soon.

“Wafi-Golpu is the next project where this Government is looking forward to endorse before its term expires. Hopefully before the end of this political year calendar I will endorse or grant the SML to Wafi-Golpu (Joint Venture),” said Minister Tuke.

In March the State awarded the Environmental Permit to the Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture.

However, soon after the Morobe Provincial Government took the matter to Court, opposing the Deep Sea Tailings Placement method offered by WGJV and approved by the State in the Environmental Permit.

Minister Tuke says they will continue to find a resolution to progress the K18.4 billion mining project.

“This Government is proactive in its approach, this government is proactive in committing itself to deliver what it has meant to deliver. So Wafi-Golpu irrespective of the court proceedings, the manner is more or less uniform,” he said.

Cedric Patjole