Wabag market open for business

The K13.5 million Wabag market will now be used following its opening on Friday, June 23rd, in Enga Province.

Funded by the Australian government under the PNG Incentive Fund program, construction began in 2020 and concluded after a year.

The modern infrastructure was formally opened last year but it did not become operational as constructors were given time to put in place a few building requirements.

The Wabag District Development Authority, headed by local MP and Minister for Health and HIV, Dr Lino Tom, has tasked the Wabag Women's Assiciation to manage the market.

Dr Lino also has allocated K500,000 to help the association implement its development programs, including SME activities.

Governor Peter Ipatas thanked the Australian government for being a major partner in developing some of the province’s impact projects.

He appealed to the public, mainly young men, to give up tribal fighting and work the land to benefit from the developments that are taking place in the province. 

Australian High Commissioner to PNG, Jonathon Philp, said he was happy that the Australian peoples money was spent on an important infrastructure that will benefit the grassroots. 

He said so long as Australia remains an important partner in the development of PNG – considering its closeness and colonial administrative history – it will continue to assist in important projects in Enga and elsewhere in the country.

Other dignitaries that attended the event included member for Jimi Open, Wake Goi, member for Talasea Open, Freddie Kumai, Finance Minister Rainbo Paita, Enga provincial administrator, Sandis Tsaka, and UN Women’s representative, Elizabeth Dominic. 

Dominic presented certificates and equipment like sewing machines to the women after the main program.

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