UOG partners with DAL for agri-business program

The ongoing partnership between the Department of Agriculture and Livestock [DAL] and the University of Goroka on the proposed redevelopment of the Menifo sheep farm outside Goroka town has been further strengthened.

The 365ha land at Menifo, about 20 minutes’ drive from Goroka, is expected to be developed to become a fully-fledged Agri-Business Training Facility for Small Medium Enterprises as well as promote and conduct research, innovations, farming enterprises and training purposes.

A Memorandum of Understanding is in place between DAL and UOG since 2012.

On March 15, 2017, Acting Secretary of Lands & Physical Planning, Terry Wanga gave the approval for the Reservation Right to be relinquished to UOG from DAL based on the MoU.

This was witnessed by Chancellor of UOG, Joseph Sukianomb and senior officials of DAL and UOG.

The Reservation Right have been formalised for UOG on  March 23, 2017.   

Sukianomb and his team were full of praises for Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Tommy Assik Tomscoll for his vision to promote such partnership in terms of securing the future of young generation of farmers in the agri-business sector through such initiatives.

The UOG, in partnership with DAL, Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA), Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) and International Development partners will be involved in the establishment and development of Agri-Business Training for SMEs development within the framework of the National SME Policy.

Furthermore, School of Science and Technology, School of Business School of Medical Science and School of Tourism will be established at Menifo to raise the profile of UOG as a premium university in PNG and the Pacific Region.

Minister of Lands and Physical Planning, Benny Allen has also been supportive with this undertaking and would like to see Menifo located in his Ungai-Bena Electorate to cater for the expansion of UOG which in turn will trigger other social and economic developments in the local communities.

UOG in partnership with DAL has already established some facilities for the Agri-Business Training Centre at Menifo, hence the transfer of land title will enable it to focus on developing a fully-fledged Agri-Business School for research, innovations, farming enterprises and training purposes.

The partnership between the two government entities (Public-Public arrangement) is a way forward to address the prevailing funding constraints by UOG and utilizing other facilities in venturing into business ventures with the relevant government agencies, private and international development partners.

Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology, Francis Marus also   commended this partnership initiative as a strategic direction for UOG to raise additional income to fund its annual operational cost in view of limited budget for all state run universities.  

Furthermore, DAL and its sectoral agencies will generate its share of revenue to sustain its operational budget.

Press statement