Twinza confirms intent to drill well at Pasca A

Twinza Oil Limited has confirmed their intent to drill a well on Pasca A in mid-2017 to further appraisal of the Pasca gas discovery.

This is in advance of its plans of moving forward with its plans to commercialise the field.

This was revealed at the recent PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference in Sydney, Australia.

Pasca A is a rich-gas condensate field located approximately 95km offshore from the Gulf Provincial coastline and nearly 100 metres deep.

The Petroleum Prospecting License (PPL) 328 for Pasca A was awarded in October 2011 and an application for a Petroleum Development Licence (PDL) was submitted to the Department of Petroleum and Energy on the June 30, 2015.

On January 20, 2016, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was submitted to the PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA).

The Pasca A project is a joint venture between Twinza and Eda Oil Limited, a subsidiary of Petromin Holdings.

Picture credit: Twinza Oil Limited


Cedric Patjole