Trukai staff to join police reserve program

Trukai Industries staff will now be able to join the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary’s Reserve Police Program.

 This was made possible through the signing of an historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which will see select Trukai staff join the RPNGC.

The MoU, which was announced last week at Police Headquarters in Konedobu, Port Moresby, saw Police Commissioner Gari Baki and Trukai Industries CEO, Greg Worthington-Eyre, witness the signing.

“To begin this MoU with the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and its Reserve Police Program, Trukai Industries will provide a core group of eight Trukai security personnel,” said Worthington-Eyre.

“These individuals have been selected on the basis that they have a previous service background, such as in the Police, Military and CIS.

“This number will be increased to at least 20 personnel over time, as we have this option open to us and want to contribute to an optimum level.”

Worthington-Eyre also cited that the company understood the immense pressures the RPNGC faced amid the lack of resources, and hoped that this partnership would reduce some of these pressures.

“A lack of vehicles or manpower, for example, makes it difficult at times for the police to be out there in the community to carry out their operations and address law and order issues which affect the community,” the CEO said.

“This is an important step for the company because we are now contributing on a more holistic level in terms of what we can do for the community.

“Trukai benefits from this MoU as it gives us a degree of ownership in improving such an important community service. It enhances our company culture to know we are helping our police forces in this way, and in turn the communities in which we operate.”

Worthington-Eyre said it was a proud day for the potential of their PNG business to play a pivotal role in strengthening police services, thus improving safety for citizens.

Selection of Trukai’s security personnel for the Police Reserve Program will also be subject to set criteria, specifically a clean Police record and a pass in basic policing course set by the Bomana Police College.

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