Trukai celebrates 50 years

Trukai Industries Limited is celebrating 50 years as the leading manufacturer and distributor of rice in PNG.

The company announced the milestone in a media conference on February 11th that as part of the celebrations, promotions will be run in the coming months.

To mark the half century the company also announced a new agreement with local landowners in Morobe Province to venture into commercial rice farming.

Since its inception in February 17th 1970 as Ricegrowers – Australia and then changing to Trukai Industries Limited in 1994, the company has grown as the leading food brand in PNG.

50 years on the company has over 100 employees and 12 distribution centres nationwide.

CEO Greg Worthington-Eyre said Trukai’s success is driven by its staff both past and present, and its customers.

“Apart from providing food security for the people of PNG for the past 50 years, we are also proud of our social responsibility programs and our contributions back to the community,” said Worthington-Eyre.

“We have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that spans across various social sectors such as education, health, youth and women empowerment, sports and agriculture amongst others.”    

Trukai has invested over K60 million in the past 15 years testing crops, training landholders and providing equipment to provide food security capabilities in PNG.

The company also helps local communities grow rice and provide income earning opportunities through market access.

“We want to ensure we properly develop a viable local rice industry for PNG that can gradually reduce import overtime and we look forward to working with the Government and relevant stakeholders to achieve this dream for PNG,” said Worthington-Eyre.

The CEO also announced that an agreement was signed with local landowners in Luhu ILG in Nawaeb, Morobe Province, for commercial rice farming.

“The rice when ready will be harvested and packed into the Trukai Hamamas rice, which will be the brand to cater for all our local rice products.”

Promotions will be run in the coming months as part of the 50th Anniversary milestone.

Cedric Patjole