Total SA engages human rights institute

Total SA has taken a courageous move in the area of human rights.

The French company is the developer of PNG’s next LNG project – the Papua LNG in Gulf Province.

The company moved to engage the Danish Institute of Human Rights to undertake a human rights impact assessment in its project footprint.

This is a process for systematically identifying, predicting and responding to the potential human rights impacts of this project.

This involves directly engaging with those people whose rights may be at risk.

The institute undertook the assessment this year and produced a report which Total is currently going through.

Once the developer confirms, this report, including the findings, will be posted on the institute’s website.

“So Papua LNG, Total and its partners and PNG will be under international scrutiny on that. And this is Gulf Province, which we know is sub-zero in terms of human development ratings,” said Richard Kassman, director corporate affairs of exploration and production – Total.

But a bold step to address areas that needs focus, in terms of human rights.

“The company commits to pursue those findings and tries to work towards that in a very pragmatic way.”

Kassman, who is also the Director, BOD, Transparency International PNG, said the biggest problem in PNG is lack of conviction and courage.

He said influential Papua New Guineans have an important role to play in impacting human rights in the country.

Value of human rights are enshrined in the PNG constitution, which Papua New Guineans need to fully understand and try to achieve in their daily lives.

“It’s important to be courageous. And until we become courageous, we are not going to progress.”







Gloria Bauai