Total to focuses on gas power by 2020

Total SA intends to provide gas power and renewable energy sources by 2020 as it diversifies its businesses activities to meet the future global demand for LNG gas.

The venture will see the company provide gas power and renewable energy during the lifespan of the Papua LNG project which is anticipated to begin construction next year.

Total PNG CEO, Philippe Blanchard, said during the Petroleum and Energy Summit in Port Moresby that the company has been preparing for this with the establishment of the company’s ‘gas power and renewables’ arm.

“The ambition of the company through that fourth branch is to be able to within 20 years have 20 per cent of its business coming from gas power and renewables.

“I think it’s a good target it’s probably the one that will help us to address the current changes to the business and we will see that in 20 years at that time the Papua LNG will be fully running providing gas to all Papua New Guinea and buers from almost everywhere and that is what will help us to be very close to our customers,” said Blanchard.

Meanwhile Total SA is currently undertaking an optimization of its current assets as well as other resource companies within its radius of operations. This is to deliver the most cost-effective project.

“I’m talking about reducing the number of wells and reducing the number of wellpads. We save on cost and we minimize the impact on the environment. All these needs to be done without impacting the deliverability and prediction of the future and at the same time giving us all the means to be able to intervene if there’s any problem on the wells,” Blanchard said.