Tokua construction continues

Current reconstruction work on the 400 metre section of the Tokua runway pavement has forced the airport to accommodate only Dash 8 aircrafts.

The construction works have also affected the flow of air traffic into and out of Tokua.

National Airports Corporation in a statement advised the public that the work is critical and is required to be carried out to ensure the safe operations of the aircrafts and the travelling public at this time.

NAC and the contractor, G-Man Construction Ltd, are working around the clock to solve the issue by carrying out repair on the major pavement of area concerned.

The work is being carried out during day time which required the runway length to be reduced to allow the contractor to carry out the works.

NAC anticipates the construction work will be completed by the 28th of June 2021, including the resumption of jet aircrafts on the 29th of June.

NAC has apologised to the public for the inconvenience caused and has also thanked them for their patience during this time.

Press release