TISA Emphasizes On SME Sustainability

Papua New Guineans citizens must be supported and encouraged to engage in more than the non-formal sector.

Group CEO for TISA, Michael Koisen said this during the 4th SME breakfast with the Prime Minister yesterday.

Teachers Savings and Loan Society Ltd was the diamond sponsor for the 4th Small and Medium Enterprise Breakfast, in partnership with SME Corporation and PNG SME Magazine.

The organisation was privileged to have been part of the discussion in addressing some of these related SME issues.

Koisen said stressed that it is proven in many economies around the world, that the growth of the SME sector is what has been the backbone of development, of these nations.

“After more than 45 years of independence, we have not fully gained control of our economy and hence have not been able to fully drive the development agenda of self-resilience. We will reach over a billion Kina in total assets at the end of June this year,” he said.

For TISA, Koisen stated that its business decisions start by identifying a human need to be met, and then establish how to meet that need in a way that is sustainable from an environmental, social, and economic perspective, including sustainable profitability for TISA bank.

Jasmine Iru