Three exploration projects underway: Harmony

Papua New Guinea is a country that has been a significant mineral producer, hosting some of the world’s largest copper and gold deposits.

Harmony Gold Mine has spent more than K28 million on explorations since commencing operations in 2004 and over time, developed systems and innovative drilling solutions for the mine itself.

Speaking at the PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference in Port Moresby on Wednesday, Harmony Gold’s district geologist, Bernard Kavanamur, presented an overview of the mine’s exploration activities in the country, highlighting that three projects are already underway. These projects include Wafi-Golpu, Kili Teke and Poru in the Ialibu-Pangia district in Southern Highlands Province.

“Harmony in the last six years has seen a large development in mining of the resources gold and copper, along with the development in explorations.”

He adds that there is still potential for many parts of Papua New Guinea to be explored in terms of large scale deposits of gold and copper.

(Harmony Gold’s district geologist, Bernard Kavanamur)

Annette Kora