Taylor acknowledges late Sape

​The Secretary General of the Pacific Island forum Secretariat, Dame Meg Taylor, has acknowledged the late Janet Sape and her contributions to women empowerment through financial inclusion.

Tayor said the late Janet was an aggressive and enthusiastic supporter of the financial empowerment of women in PNG.

Taylor said this when acknowledging the progress PNG has made in making finance accessible for women.

She highlighted the establishment of the Women in Business which the late Janet Sape was an integral founder.

“I commend Papua New Guinea Women in Business which has established itself as a voice for all women in this country, particularly the most marginalized.

“This initiative has supported women in the area of basic financial service, including the establishment of the Women’s Microbank in 2014.

“The work of Papua New Guinea Women in Business has been carried out in recognition of its contribution to the economy and to our broad development efforts,” said Taylor.

Cedric Patjole