Talasea presents K9.6m budget

Talasea district in West New Britain Province presented its 2018 Budget to the Treasury on Thursday.

Led by Talasea MP Francis Maneke with his delegation, the district presented a K9.6m budget along with the district’s five-year development plan.

Maneke said his 2018 budget was based around his campaign message, which is to deliver to the more than 200,000 people of Talasea.

He also raised concerns on the electoral boundaries and further called on the Government to look into this issue and split the electorate.

“The Government must really look into this issue and split our electorate.

“Services are not reaching our people because of the huge population and landmass.”

Maneke added that unlike other districts in the country, Talasea is one of the viable economic districts that should be given priority.

“We are known as ‘small PNG’ as people all over the country live in our province.

“Therefore, priority must be given to us.”

The presentation of the 2018 budget was received by Treasury officials as the Secretary and Minister were attending to a meeting. 

Freddy Mou