Free cups of hot steamy Daga Coffee are offered between 9-11am daily at Alotau's Daisy's Cake Studio as promotion.

However, the promotion will be highlighted prominently in the Daga Nu Coffee Cultural Show at Gwiroro, Daga Local Level Government, Rabaraba District this August.

Samples of Daga Coffee were exhibited to the Milne Bay tourism industry stakeholders, Milne Bay Provincial Administration and during the launch of the 2022 Milne Bay Tourism Calendar.

The 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1 kilogram bags are displayed on promotion at Daisy's Cake Studio while some shops, hotels and guesthouses in Alotau are helping to promote the product as well.

Daga Coffee founder and promoter, Graydon Punam, is a man on a mission with a passion to promote his coffee.

Mr Punam said people are slowly but surely beginning to drink Daga Coffee.

He said the Arabica Coffee are grown, processed, roasted and packed in The 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1 kilogram ground beans in Gwiroro Daga LLG in the Rabaraba District, Milne Bay Province.

He also said his Daga people distributed the coffee in various cooperative societies in Daga LLG and acknowledged their efforts.

Mr Punam graduated in Tropical Agriculture from the University of Vudal, Popondetta Campus. After graduating, he returned home to work as a Cocoa Rehabilitation Officer with Milne Bay Properties and later with Coffee Industry Cooperation.

After his short employment, he was selected to go to Israel as a Baha'i faith follower in a Youth Year of Service and lived in Haifa, the Baha'i faith headquarters for from 2006 -2011.

While in Israel he was also able to do studies in Coffee Quality Control Training and qualified as a Coffee Grader, being a Q Grader.

He returned to PNG in 2011 and joined Baha'i faith foundation ‘Rays Of Light Foundation’ in Lae, working to establish elementary schools and preparation for social action.

After his nine-year stint in Lae, Mr Punam returned to Milne Bay to establish Daga Coffee.

“Despite difficulties I began to bring coffee from the village to roast and package and partnered with Milne Bay business woman, Rhona Conn to form Daga Organic," he said.

The name changed to Daga Coffee after he moved on from the partnership.

In 2021 he returned to Daga to establish Gray Cafe, a research on quality of Daga Coffee.

He works in three areas in Daga Coffee extension;

* Women In Coffee - Daga women learn to process and market coffee;

* Child Protection - Daga children from age 6 -12 are not to participate in farming coffee but concentrate on their education and;

* Coffee Cup Tournament - Daga youth release their potential in agriculture participated in sports last year.

He established a Coffee Cooperative - Nenuma Cooperative to be owned by the village people while he facilitated.

He also formed a laboratory to analyze coffee quality control and focus on grading knowing the profile of the coffee Gray Cafe was established

"Gray Cafe down processes the coffee then gives the profile to Nenuma Cooperative to do the marketing which is connected to Australia-New Zealand Fair Trade since 2017.”

Daga Coffee spinoff products include Dish Washing Paste, Soap, Candy, Bio-Fuel, Pillow Foam, Coffee Tea.

Mr Punam said Daga has the potential to be an organic fruit and vegetables grower and supplier.

Apart from Coffee, Daga people also have the potential to grow Apples, Purple Bulb Iron, Avacado, Carrots, Oranges and Passion Fruit.

Daga Coffee will be the highlight of Daga Nu Cultural Festival this August. Agri- Tourism is where local and international tourists can see how Daga Coffee is grown, processed and brewed into a steamy hot cup of coffee.

Paul Maolai