State pays NSL K95 million

The State has paid K95 million to Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) to settle unfunded member contributions for public servants who retired in 2016.

NSL Chairman, Anthony Smare, is now calling on the retirees to see them so they can settle the outstanding payments.

NSL has begun the process of allocating payments to members who exited in 2016.

“Obviously the government has been impacted by an earthquake, low commodity prices, but we’re seeing a flicker of light with the economy. There are some good things starting to happen and it’s also translating into the unfunded.

“The Government has paid us in the last two months, K95 million,” said Smare.

Since March 2016, the State had owed NSL over K230 million with 5,000 members.

A court ruling in January 2018 confirmed the State’s obligation to pay and since then, NSL held numerous meetings with the State to progress ways in which the State can meet their obligation.

Around K200 million still remains to be settled by the Government, which Smare says the state recognises and will resolve.

“It’s been a long dialogue with Government. Government has been clear to us that they acknowledge that that there is an obligation to ensure that public servants retire with dignity. And I have to commend the Prime Minister and the treasurer because we’ve been on constant dialogue on it,” said Smare.

Public notices have been put out calling on the retirees to see NSL regarding the matter.

“We might be able to clear out the 2016 retirees with the amount the Government owes them,” he said.

“We’ve got an understanding in place with Government for additional funding that comes through before the end of the year. We’re hoping that will bring everything up to current then it will be ongoing where the state continues to provide money as people exit.”

Cedric Patjole