SP Brewery unhappy with alcohol ban decision

The Madang Provincial Government’s decision to impose a blanket alcohol ban in the province has not gone down well with the country’s top brewery.

SP Brewery managing director, Stan Joyce, expressed the company’s disappointment over the decision.

“Our Company continues to invest in responsible consumption education and advocates effective licensing as mandated by the National Liquor Licensing Act. We also understand that Provincial Government has the powers to regulate the sale of alcohol. All we ask as a corporate citizen is for some communication with authorities which has been notably absent in this case,” stated Joyce.

“The fact of the matter is simple, there has never been an effective ban of alcohol anywhere in the county since Independence. Liquor ban enforcement starves Police of necessary resources and deprives the majority of law abiding adults to enjoy a cold beer.

“Liquor bans also encourage the proliferation of homebrew which cause harmful effects on the human body. It also promotes smuggling of contraband through the borders which will pose an even bigger issue for the Provincial Government and Police.

“It is disappointing to note that despite all the evidence to the contrary, the Provincial Government went ahead with this decision.

“The company is also concerned that tourists visiting the province would not be allowed to enjoy a cold beer on the beach, which seems contrary to the image the Madang Province invests money to promote.”

Joyce acknowledged there are some law and order issues related to a “few wayward individuals” and ineffective licensing, however, he says the company believes there are numerous options other than a complete liquor ban to be considered.

“We will reach out to the PEC as always to discuss these alternatives,” said Joyce.

(Picture: SP Brewery Ltd)

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